Prefiguration in Contemporary Activism, 4 December 2014

Video recording of a keynote by Marianne Maeckelbergh, delivered at the University of Manchester, December 2014. For further information on the event, see the event site.

Citizen Media Workshop January 2014

Talk by Gillian Bolsover
Using Cross-National Comparative Research to Study Citizen Media

Talk by John Johnston
When Words Fail

Talk by Astrid Nordin
Ironic ‘Resistance’ in Chinese Citizen Media Online

Talk by Evgeniya Nim
‘Nanodemonstrations’ as Media Events: Networked forms of the Russian Protest Movement

Talk by Dounia Mahouly
Googling for Heroes: Using Search Engine Accessory Tools to Study Political Turmoil in Egypt

Talk by Jianfei Zhao
Full Swing of Commercialisation, Twilight of Grassrooots Creativity: An Alternative View on the Chinese Micro-movie Wave

Citizen Media Colloquium June 2013

Post-human Images: Visual Citizen Media and the Ethics of Relation – Talk by Prof. Bolette Blaagaard

The Cultural Politics of Citizen Witnessing – Talk by Prof. Stuart Allan

Translation as an alternative space for political action – Talk by Prof. Mona Baker

Online Activism and Russia’s Big Society – Talk by Stephen Ennis

Interview with David Harvey in Athens, June 2012, by Global Uprisings

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