PDF Files

Citizen Media Workshop 2014

Gillian Bolsover ‘Using Cross-National Comparative Research to Study Citizen Media’

Luis Perez-Gonzalez ‘ Theoretical and Methodological Perspectives on Citizen Media’

Georgiana Nicoarea ‘Cairo’s Graffiti Goes Vir(tu)al: Facebook Walls, their Graffiti Avenues and the Afterlife’

Evgeniya Nim  ”Nanodemonstrations’ as Media Events: Networked Forms of the Russian Protest Movement’

Astrid Nordin Publications

Dounia Mahouly ‘Googling for Heroes: Using Search Engine Accessory Tools to Study Political Turmoil In Egypt’

Andrey Pavlov ‘Discourses of Hatred in Russian Social Media, Civic Resistance and Anti-extremist Legislation: The Case of vk.com

Dima Saber ‘Checkdesk: Sorting, Developing and Disseminating Citizen Media Reporting in the MENA Region’

Ethical Considerations

Ethical Decision-Making and Internet Research

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