KostasProfileImageDr Kostas Arvanitis, Lecturer in Museology

My research interests cross the fields of museology, archaeology and digital heritage. In my work, I draw on theories of everyday life to explore how the adoption and appropriation of digital media create spaces of interaction and interpretation in cultural settings. I’m currently researching the collaborative, localised, personalised and digitally mediated interpretations of ‘hidden’ archaeological sites in Greece (Curators in Residence’: Hidden archaeological sites and ‘virtual curating); and how social media interaction impacts on/is shaped by cultural practice (CultureFM Project). Publications

 Prof. Mona Baker, Professor of Translation Studies

Extending my earlier research into global collectives of unaffiliated translators  and interpreters who are embedded in the culture of the alter- globalisation movement, I am currently studying local/domestic collectives  that emerged in the context of the Egyptian Revolution and that rely on translation to connect with global movements of justice and international audiences. I focus on the prefigurative use of translation by such groups, i.e. the extent to which they experiment with enacting the principles they advocate in their aesthetic and textual/translational choices, and in their organisational and interactional modes of practice, and how such experimentation challenges mainstream narratives of the Revolution. Publications

Photo on 2013-09-19 at 13 11Dr Jenny Hughes, Senior Lecturer in Drama

Jenny Hughes is Senior Lecturer in Drama at the University of Manchester. Her current research includes a project working with Simon Parry exploring activist performance as gesture and an AHRC-funded initiative that looks at the intersections of theatre, performance and poverty. Publications

AdiDr Adi Kuntsman, Simon Research Fellow, Anthropology and Manchester Digital Media Network

My work lies at the intersection of digital media and Internet/cyberculture studies, queer theory, and anti-colonial and feminist scholarship. The common thread in all of my work is my interest in violence – its affective economy and its cultural imageries, its seductive power and its bargaining value. With regards to citizen media, my main interest is with on-line citizen participation that revolve around violence, militant patriotism and racism. I have researched and written on digital diasporas, on-line nationalism and on feelings and affect in digital cultures. Currently, I am working on digital media, Israeli militarism and its transnational circulation. Publications


Simon ParryDr Simon Parry, Lecturer in Drama and Arts Management

My current research includes a project working with Jenny Hughes exploring activist performance as gesture. This work intersects with his ongoing research into the way contemporary science is mediated through theatre and performance.

Dr Luis Pérez-González, Senior Lecturer in Translation Studies

My main research interest lies in examining emerging forms of (self-)mediation and intervention in the audiovisual marketplace, with particular emphasis on non-professional audiovisual translation. My work investigates the increasingly active role that amateur audiovisual translators play in shaping up the dynamics of the media industry in the new scenario of internationalisation and digitisation that information and communication technologies have brought about. My publications on different forms of networked participatory translation, including fansubbing and activist subtitling, suggest that affectivity is emerging as a powerful non-representational force behind amateur mediation. Publications

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