Don’t you realise that you’re the light of my eyes?

flirty Sisi

Don’t you know that you’re the light of my eyes or what?

A series of images lampooning Egyptian president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi have gained widespread popularity on Egyptian social media. Produced by cartoonist Saffie Eddeen, the images represent the president’s different moods and gently mock quotations from the president that were widely repeated on Egyptian state media.

happy sisi

Egypt celebrates

Yet even producing this kind of relatively mild satire is a dangerous game in contemporary Egypt. In recent months the Egyptian state has launched an all out assault on civil society in Egypt, harassing activists and imprisoning thousands. In addition to comments praising Eddeen’s drawings, many Facebook users also raise concerns over his safety if his name is publicly associated with the images. One user, for example, asks “why are you saying his name? This guy is lost”.

The full gallery can be viewed on Eddeen’s Facebook page.

More details on this story are available from BBC Trending.



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