CFP: Sixth International Conference on the Image

The International Conference on the Image is now accepting proposals for the sixth edition of the conference, to be held at the University of Berkeley in California, 29-30 October 2015. The 2015 conference will focus on addressing the Image through the themes of: “The Form of the Image”, “Image Work”, and “The Image in Society”. In addition to submitting proposals for presentations at the conference, it is also possible to submit proposals for articles to be published in the Image Journal and for online presentations delivered via the knowledge community YouTube channel.

The special focus for 2015 will be “Media Materiality: Towards Critical Economies of “New” Media“.

The conference will address this theme through a series of cascading questions. For example, could the lens of “media materiality” be a productive way to view the flows of political economy, identity, and sexuality in the context of a critical analysis of what is “new” in the new media? How can one address the intersection, co-dependency, and interplay of media materiality and immateriality? And, as this question pertains to the Image Conference, how do we understand the production, consumption, and distribution of images in an age of  “new“ compared to “old“ media? How might we frame critical economies of “new media in relation to the legacy, rebirth, and re–imagination of “old“ media?

Full details are available here.


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